Our beautiful polydactyl kitty, Marbles, made her debut this week in JUNKYARD DOG.

She’s also been missing since July 23.

With all the ins and outs of moving to a new province, she managed to zip out the door of our new home. Posters, phone calls, emails, and social media posts haven’t led to any sightings. Driving and walking the neighbourhood, her litter box placed outside, and constant inquiries with our neighbors have become the norm whenever we leave the house.

The kids have started their new schools. We’ve settled into beach life and acclimated to the number of snails and spiders here. But there’s that constant hum in the back of our minds, one eye always open for a flash of a pretty grey kitty in the tree line.

And now her book debut has come and gone, and Marbles isn’t here.

It’s a different feeling, having your pet go missing. We’ve had old cats that have passed, and while it was heartbreaking, there was closure.

Marbles is simply…somewhere not with us.

The kids feel it as much as we do, the ups and downs paired with moments of hopefulness and periods of resignation.

“Maybe Marbles will be at the door,” is uttered by all of us at different times, our eyes scanning the yards on our drives home.

We’d planned to bring a kitten into the house once we were settled, a little companion for our mellow girl.

Yesterday we did.

We brought home a little black bundle of energy, letting her in the back door to surprise the kids.

There were a lot of tears, both from excitement and from the reminder Marbles isn’t home, sprawled on the back of the sofa watching the birds.

But we’re still watching for her, still checking the SPCA and found pet sites. Still straightening her posters and calling her name while we walk.

And when she does come home, she’ll meet Wednesday.

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