Aka I don’t know what I’m doing but it’s okay because no one reads them anyways. Except maybe my mom.

Hi mom šŸ‘‹

Acknowledgments are a minefield I hadn’t anticipated between edits and cover art and edits and blurbs and edits.

Dedications? Those are easy for the first few books. One line. Doesn’t even have to be a full sentence. Hell, the standard ‘For So-n-so’ is beautifully simplistic and needs no explanation.

Was it their mom? Kid? Stylist? Kindergarten teacher who gave them hell for something THEY DIDN’T EVEN SAY, IT WAS THE TALL BLONDE GIRL?

Who knows? It’s like an inside joke no one else cares about and it works.

But acknowledgements.

Those are stressful.

Who do you include? Or worse, omit? Are names okay or is vagueness king? Why are you thanking this person and not that one? When you sit down to really think about it, it’s overwhelming to contemplate individually addressing everyone in under a page WITH full sentences.

After some thought, and by thought I mean a solid week of procrastination and grumbling, I narrowed it down by category.

1. Those who invested their time in the finished product.

2. Those who had to tolerate my muttering day in and day out.

3. My support network.

The last was hardest to pinpoint. Everyone has been amazing and encouraging since I began this process.

But I’m not Stephen King, so it was better to self-edit than go back later.

So no, I couldn’t thank the nice lady at the grocery store who always helps bag. Or the kid at the coffee shop who adds precisely three ice cubes to my coffee. Or the cop who didn’t give me a ticket I totally deserved.

Who I did add were those who helped me get through what was, frankly, an emotionally draining and devastating year. The people who knew when I needed some chocolate and when I needed to mouth the F-bomb over and over in a back room.

Yeah. Those people.

Because even though I moved away from them this summer, they’re still the ones who kept me moving forward even when all I wanted to do was walk away.

But to everyone I couldn’t thank this time around, the second book in The Haunt Vault is going under contract, so I’ll have at least one more opportunity to let you all know how awesome you are šŸ™‚

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