This is, by far, one of my writing weaknesses. Looking for tight plots? Researched world building? Kickass heroines and growling alphas? I’m your gal.

But small details like clothing, not so much.

I’m not sure if it’s the result of my sole criticism of Jane Austin (2.5 pages on muslin dresses is 2.3 pages more than I prefer), but I struggle to incorporate outfits into my writing. Three editors and a beta reader have mentioned it. I’m sure a few reviewers noticed this little issue as well. Unless it’s integral to the plot (hello, weapon-concealing cargos), I truly forget to include the complete visual.

After all, there are bad guys to hunt and words are valuable.

So this is my focus tonight, 10,000 into this new series. These characters will be dressed, damnit. I’m halfway through Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s War and she does an amazing job of bringing those small details in without losing pace. So under the guise of research, I intend to spend the night reading, absorbing, and applying that skill to my own work.

But should I fall off the clothing-description wagon, you can safely assume every character is wearing all black all the time unless otherwise noted.

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