National Novel Writing Month has been a November tradition for me since 2016. It has everything a writer like me needs: a goal, badges for milestones, a progress graph, and, most importantly, a deadline.

It’s day 3 and I’ve hit 5,000 words. Aeon and Delly’s book has rolled into Las Vegas and I’m on a roll. Which is good, because this was the kind of pressure I needed.

In 2016, I wrote Redemption: The Haunt Vault 3. With the second now in contract negotiations, I’m hoping to see my 2016 work go live within a year or so.

JUNKYARD DOG was my 2017 project, and it’s release in September has solidified my commitment to push on through this year’s NaNoWriMo.

Last year I wrote Louis’s book, the sixth in the Haunt Vault. Looking back, I don’t know how I managed to hit the 50k word count between work and kids and Christmas prep, but somehow I did it. Probably because writing during times of high stress is the best decompression exercise I know of.

So to say NaNoWriMo is a staple of my writing career is an understatement. It’s a voluntary pressure to take an idea and go. There’s no time to procrastinate (or, there shouldn’t be. I still manage to slide a little in) and the online support is unparalleled.

This year’s project is the first book in my third series, what I hope will be seven standalone novels in the Sprout Corp. world.

And I can’t wait to introduce this world to everyone.

Friends to lovers, bad guys in the shadows, a trip to Vegas…and check out these visuals for Aeon and Delara.

Don’t they make the sweetest pair?

And with that, back to work. Take a peek at my Books tab for the novel that started this journey and the one that anchored it.

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