Whelp, that’s it. At 50130 words and 78 minutes to spare, I completed National Novel Writing Month.

And now I’d like to take a moment to say 50k isn’t a novel. I started at 13k, ended the month at 63k, and have 17k more to go.

So technically I completed National 5/8 Novel Writing Month.

I’ll take it.


I’m now on the chapter when I always wish I plotted in advance, when I need to take all the damn things I alluded to earlier and remember to place them. This would be easier if my plot notes were more than “out, sees one, lust?”

This is also the point where I’ve left the “what am I doing, I can’t write” whining, zoomed through the “yeah, it’s going smooth” phase, and entered the “why am I like this, why can’t I just make notes like a normal person” stage.

So, Aeon and Delly, you and I are going to spend a little more time figuring out how the hell to get you out of this situation I didn’t think through when I wrote it. Good luck to us all.

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