The Great Downsizing of 2019 came up against its first true test this month.


The shift from 2400 sq feet on a third of an acre, an oversized double garage, and full basement with storage to a 1500 sq foot mobile home with two shed has been smooth. We prepared. We sold off and donated excess before moving. We purchased furniture based on its storage and function. We budgeted for bins and shelving for closets. We bought vacuum-seal bags.

We had this downsize thing under control.

And then November hit and thoughts turned to Christmas. More specifically, they turned to the diameter of our well-loved tree.

We have a 250 sq foot enclosed sunroom, so that was our first option. But it’s under halted construction and not the kind of place to set up a tree.

The next option was removing a sofa.

So we did a little research, and found these wonderful things called Slim Trees and Pencil Trees. Selection made, we picked up a 31” 6.5 footer, sold off the big beast, and test #1 was done.

The Christmas village was our second concern. I love our little village, and thinking about it sitting in a box (or worse, getting rid of it) was upsetting. But with a shift of a few things, we made it work.

The stocking situation required a few 3M hooks along the dining room bay window, and with a little more shuffling, all those holiday knickknacks and doodads found homes.

So on to the present situation.

Every parent knows December is the season of stealth. Sneaking bags and boxes in, hiding wrapping paper, dealing with that stupid elf…we must become ninjas.

Which is difficult with 3 observant kids and limited space.

But parents everywhere have done it with less space than we have, so I knew it was something I could tackle.

The key has been making use of those empty Christmas storage bins. We won’t need them again until January when the mayhem settles, so we haven’t had to find extra space, just make use of what we already had assigned. That and moving blankets draped over bags of “insulation” in the sun room.

Pro tip: don’t buy clear bins.

So there you have it. Christmas in a downsized space has been easier than we expected, with a total financial output of $20 (tree was on sale, minus what we got for selling the old one).

And another $50 on the white tree we decided to splurge on because it’s so damn cute.

Shameless self-promo time: Check out my book link page for my first two novels. They can’t be too bad since I signed on the dotted line this week for publication of the second in the vamp series 😃

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