Last night I did it. I typed THE END on my eleventh book. So how about we take a lazy look back at the process through memes I didn’t create.

That’s right. I’m a pantser, which means I skip happily into every story with nothing more than a vague idea and a weak Pinterest board.
For the sake of my husband’s blood pressure, I keep him in the loop.
When you have a job and three kids, it’s just easier to write at midnight than try to burn through a chapter between interactive Minecraft discussions.
Most of the first quarter of every book is written under duress and self-doubt.
I plead the fifth.
By 1/3 through, I find my mojo.
Which inevitably leads to becoming a theoretical expert in… plague doctors? Botanists? Crossbows? How many hours of darkness does Denver get in January?
And then there’s life. Sometimes breaks happen whether you like it or not.
In most of my books, someone’s gonna die. Deciding who it is can be great therapy.
And yes, I can do this while picking up Halloween candy at Walmart on October 30.
The debate is real.
Ten thousand words remaining may sound like a lot until you’re researching super rare medical conditions to explain the ridiculousness you tossed in flippantly earlier in the series.
But you get there. The final push and voila!
So this is where I am this morning.

But what lies ahead, you may ask. The book is finished, what else needs to be done?

Now we enter Phase Two: The Reckoning
This is usually when I begin to contemplate the error of my non-drinking ways.
There’s no escaping a few hard truths about some of my word choices.
Remember the self-doubt of Phase One? Yeah. Hello again.
But despite the perceived dumpster fire of a first draft, the thought of this scene still turns my stomach and reminds me to back up my work.
Because eventually, I think every writer dreams of this.
Not wholly accurate, as my mom is one of my biggest fans. And not in the Misery way. In the “mom cursing her excited congratulations” way 😃

And there you have it, folks. A concise summary of my writing process.

Off to procrastinate via Christmas shopping now 👍

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