First, I don’t do resolutions. My version of resolutions are my daily and weekly To Do lists and are completed by 9:30pm every night.

That said, I do have writing goals. And I have a few for 2020.

The problem with writing goals is many of them are dependent on others. Representation, publication, bestseller lists…each of these are out of your direct control. This isn’t to say they can’t be a vital part of writing goals, but to make them the only ones can be discouraging.

My first goal is to complete my current standalone paranormal romance by June. April would be ideal, but I like wiggle room. With this manuscript, I’m focusing on my biggest weakness: description.

My second goal is two more publishing contracts. No, I can’t control the market, but this goal encourages me to continue my upward projection into the world of social media and blogging. Both of which I am not super duper great with.

Third, I’m continuing to research and tweak my marketing and promotion skills in advance of my third release. I’m slowly learning the ins and outs of this area of expertise and suspect this will be a career-long goal.

My final goal is telling Boy’s story, and thereby wrapping up the eight-book-long Haunt Vault series. His is the one I’ve wanted to write since the start. It’s also the one I’ve been most reluctant to attack. I want it written by December 30, 2020, but I won’t take it too hard if I don’t make it.

And there we have it. 2020’s writing goals summed up so I can look back in eight months and quietly edit them 🤦🏻‍♀️

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