Or night, to be technical. After all, sun is not a vampire’s best friend.

Because the more mundane night-to-night activities of the Kaius Haunt are often skipped in their books, I rarely have the chance to truly break down how the guys handle little things like snow.

When your headquarters are located in Colorado, snow happens.

Some welcome it, others are less enthusiastic.

The youngest of the Kaius Haunt, Dominic still holds onto a few habits from his human years. Despite vampires not being affected by the cold, he’s bundled in a thick down jacket, three layers of socks, a knitted hat, and mitts guaranteed to keep his fingers warm to -40. Preparation to head outside takes thirty minutes and usually gets him out of the worst of the shoveling duties. Once out there, he spends more time planning his snowball ambushes of Louis than he spends doing anything productive. He’s the one who decapitated Mickey’s last snowman, but he won’t own up to it regardless of the video surveillance footage.

Mickey has been stomping through the snow since the moment the sun set. He’s already spelled out his name and a message Nichol will see when he checks the north quadrant security cameras. His pockets are filled with sticks and rocks for the snowman army he’s been building. He’s got one eye on Rhys because he’s certain his older brother is the one making his snowmen anatomically correct. He’s shoveled a total of seven minutes. The shovel is buried somewhere along the east path.

Rhys has chosen to wear nothing more than his boots and boxers. He’s avoided shoveling all winter by holing up in a large snow pile he dug out in the southern quadrant and spends his night playing Mahjong on his phone. He knows Mickey thinks he’s the one putting cucumbers and avocados on the snowmen, and happily takes the blame to allow the perpetrator the freedom to keep going. He’s created a stash of snowballs forty deep and thirty high at the back of his hiding spot and is itching to take down Kaius.

Jagger has already cleared the west and south paths and is now brushing the snow off the cameras along the perimeter. Although he doesn’t get cold, he’s dressed for the weather because he likes the new faux fur and rarely has a chance to wear it. He’s scavenged a few buttons for Mickey’s snowman army and hasn’t given away Rhys’s hiding spot even though it’s meant extra work for himself. His pockets are loaded with avocados and cucumbers.

Louis is attempting to clear the path to the garage, but has only managed to make piles no vehicle could go over or around. He’s allowed Dominic to hit him with snowballs a few times, because Rhys has promised him us of his own snowball stash in exchange for his silence about the snow fort Rhys hides in. After watching Jagger’s speed with cucumbers and avocados, he now understands why Jagg is known as a ghost. He’s taken a few pictures of the anatomically correct snowmen for posterity.

Kaius has been tasked with running the snowblower over the sloppily shoveled paths. He dislikes the noise of it, but likes the linear patterns it creates. He’ll help Louis out after he finishes the eastern paths and keeps Jagger appraised of Mickey’s location. He angles the snowblower at Rhys’s hiding spot every chance he has.

Nichol has already noticed Mickey’s message on the security cameras and is more insulted by the missing ‘H’ in his name than he is at being called a window-licking crayon eater, as he has never licked a window nor eaten a crayon. He hates snow and the mess it makes of the Haunt’s garage floor, so he gets out of dealing with the snow by ordering the others around and monitoring the perimeter. He’s put in a rush order for avocados and cucumbers and is both impressed and unnerved by Boy’s stealth.

Boy has already located Mickey’s lost shovel and intends to help Louis out once he’s done emptying all but the front row of Rhys’s snowball stash. He’s been crawling on his belly through a narrow tunnel he dug out last month and has been depleting Rhys’s collection ever since. He’s certain Nichol has seen him, and is grateful he’s kept quiet. His own snowball stash is littered behind the trees along the western perimeter and he’s willing to share with Jagger as long as Jagg keeps messing with Mickey’s snowmen. He was the one who decapitated the snowman and he isn’t sorry.

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