Although leading an inter-species war leaves little time for field trips, a few hours at the zoo wouldn’t kill anyone intentionally.

While the idea originated with Kaius, Jagger is the one who presents the case to Nichol, suggesting the study of animal behaviour and habitats could provide invaluable knowledge should they find themselves in unknown territory. He’s assisted in creating an optimized itinerary for the night, ensuring elephants were one of the first stops. He intends to stay back at the giraffes while the others venture into the arachnid exhibit.

Kaius knew Jagger would be able to spin the trip to gain Nichol’s support. He’s broken off from the group early on to spend extra time by the wildcat compound. He loves the sleekness and lazy, predatory gaze of the panthers, but admires the lion’s boldness as it stares him down. He watches the time closely and will catch up with the others after they leave the arachnid exhibit.

Dominic has made a point of being within Nichol’s line of sight since the hippo enclosure. He’s commented frequently on how much he likes observing the animals without the distraction of a camera lens. And while he knows he’ll have to confess eventually, he’s hadn’t said a word about the fact he dropped his phone through the bars into the hippo exhibit less than a minute after Nichol warned him about it. He hopes to double back and try to rescue it when the others head into the arachnid room.

Louis has been hanging out by the groundhogs since they arrived. He’s been stifling his laughter over their behaviour to avoid drawing attention to himself. Two of the three kids who ducked into the glass bubble placing them in the middle of the exhibit have left and he’s anxious for the third to exit so he can go in. He’s fascinated by the way the groundhogs pound the ground with their heads. He’ll rejoin the group after the arachnids.

Rhys is waiting by the car, playing Mahjong on his phone since security escorted him out for climbing into the alligator pen. Although he’s annoyed to be missing the lemurs, he’s fine with avoiding the arachnids. He saw Dominic drop his phone in the hippo exhibit and hopes to be present when Nichol finds out.

Mickey kept up with Nichol for the first eight stops, but has been dragging his feet since the reptile compound. He already saw the penguins, so as far as he’s concerned, they can go. Preferably before the spider exhibit. He’s attempted to distract Nichol from the path to the arachnids by showing him the videos he took of the penguin slide, but it isn’t working. He intends to veer off toward the lions and hide behind Kaius if Nichol walks into that nasty bug building.

Nichol can’t believe Mickey hasn’t bailed yet and is getting more and more annoyed. He intentionally planned the arachnid stop to scare the others off so he could visit the owl exhibit in peace, and Mickey is ruining it. He’s been ignoring the penguin video by replaying his own footage he took of Dominic dropping his phone into the hippo enclosure. He likes zooming in on Don’s expression and has already made it his lock screen.

Boy is tracking Nichol and Mickey from inside the grizzly bear exhibit and is wondering how much longer Mick will hold out before taking off. He’s been holed up in the cave since they arrived to avoid the arachnid exhibit. It’s not that he fears spiders. He just prefers to not be locked in an enclosed space with them. Every time he thinks about it, he shakes his hair out, earning a growl from the beast curled up beside him. He would like to join Nichol at the owl enclosure, but won’t. He’s the one who alerted security to Rhys’s jump into the gator exhibit. He intends to head over to the primates soon because he loves the baby monkeys.

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