Borderline irredeemable heroes are the best

My LA Kings have been ousted after a hard-fought first round in the Playoffs, the rain is still coming down outside, and I’m itching for sun and lake time.

But enough about me.

Let’s talk Rhys.

It’s no secret he’s one of my favorite characters. He’s unapologetic, unrepentant, and pretty damn contemptible. He’s the one who says the quiet part loud and shrugs in the face of criticism. His filter is as broken as his moral compass and his redeeming qualities are questionable. He’s the love-him-or-hate-him brother. Dragging him kicking and screaming from anti to hero was no easy task. I can only hope readers stay on his ride long enough to decide for themselves if he made it off the naughty list.

How tough a journey was this book, knowing I had to get Rhys from Point A to Point B? Here’s a sneak peek into the first chapter.


Rhys leaned back on his elbows and adjusted his hips, his dark eyes locked on his phone as he contemplated his next move. His thumb hovered over the screen while his other hand ghosted distractedly through the colorful curls bobbing in his peripheral. Pursing his lips, he growled low in his throat and made his choice.

This shouldn’t be so fucking difficult.

He’d done this tens of thousands of times.
Four moves later, he knew he’d screwed up.
“I’m deleting this stupid game,” he grunted,
increasing the pressure on Simone’s head a fraction to correct her form when her rhythm stumbled. The Tender immediately righted her course, adding a quick swipe of her tongue in repentance.

The phone bounced off the mattress as he dropped it in frustration and lolled his head back. He needed a new game, a new app to fill the black spot on his screen.

Maybe Mahjong.

Looking down the expanse of his torso, he met the pair of scathing blue eyes watching him with open resentment. “You’re doing great, angel,” he muttered, patting around for his buzzing phone. “Focus on reining in that look of utter contempt when you don’t have my complete attention. Think of something pleasant, like kittens or puppies. I’ll be back on board once I check this message.”

Yup. That’s Rhys. No apologies. Check him out on May 18.

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