Finally, and I do mean FI-NAL-LY, the weather has turned in my favor and I can head back out on the lake with my board.

Most times, I head out alone. Being by myself on the lake (with the exception of, you know, everyone else out there on their boards and sea-doos and boats) recharges me like nothing else. There’s no list, no expectations, no decisions to be made…all I have to do is eventually make it back to shore.

Sometimes I go out with someone else and it’s a different kind of fun. It’s nice to explore the coast and experience the water with another person.

But nothing beats going alone, even for a short time.

Between family and work and writing and marketing and all those household obligations which never seem to ease, hitting the lake has become an escape. It’s centering. It’s cathartic.

It’s my uninterrupted time to think and relax and not worry about the ever-present NEXT.

Next is which buoy am I going to tether to so I can float and read and maybe even close my eyes and just chill the hell out. It’s also the perfect place for a quick “here’s what I’m reading” or “here’s what I read” because what better place to talk books than on a board in the middle of the Okanagan?

So check out #boardreads on TikTok.

And no judging my reading selections. I don’t know what’s wrong with me either 😂

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