In a high stakes game of life and death, secrets can save a hero.

Or destroy him.

Vampire Nichol Kaius is in control. The reluctant de facto leader of the powerful Kaius haunt, he lives by the clock and his lists, his computer and phone tethered to him night and day. Every purchase, every decision, every move passes through him for consideration, planning, and approval. With a sanctuary city in the works, public vampire executions to stop, ornery ancients to appease, and his species to save, he reaches for something—and someone—to take the edge off.

But when the perfect storm of a forbidden substance and a forbidden woman clash with the secrets of his haunt on the battlefield, Nichol is forced to face his illusion of control, lay bare everything he is, and walk away from the only woman he’s ever needed.

Can he survive without her?

Trigger warnings include: addiction, violence, captivity

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