He never needed anyone until he found someone he couldn’t live without.

Vampire Louis Forbes is a loner, a bloodline eliminator content to exist in the shadows of the renowned Kaius hauntmates. He lives to survive without ties, without a family or the burden of another’s life on his shoulders. But when the Kaius haunt asks Louis to prepare the vampire outposts for evacuation into the sanctuary city of Denver, he reluctantly pushes aside his solitary ways to work alongside his new partner.

The youngest vampire in the Minks haunt, Jonathan has lived a life of indulgence and camaraderie. A free spirit prone to wanderlust and adventure, he jumps at the opportunity to assist the powerful Kaius haunt and joins Louis on the road. His initial curiosity about his loner partner morphs into desire as they travel the highways on his motorcycle, saving their species and dodging their enemies in a race against time. 

But when tragedy strikes in their society where bloodlines are everything and loners are discarded, Louis and Jonathan are forced to decide what family is and whether it’s worth fighting for.


One thought on “Junction: The Haunt Vault Book Six

  1. WOW!
    Is all I can really say to the way this book sounds like it’s gonna be. Can’t wait till this next one comes out.


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